Mike Schacht's El Paso Workshop Information 


The Location

2201 East Mills Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79901
United States

You will arrive at a historic warehouse in the heart of El Paso's design district. Parking is available on the street in front of the building. Please be mindful of people's driveways and don't block any of them. 

The studio is located on the upper floor of the warehouse. Elevators and ramps make it accessible to all. 


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The Workshop 


April 21st-22nd

You have been reading Vanity Fair and Hollywood Reporter since discovering photography. You marvel at the incredibly lite images and think, "How is this sorcery performed?"  

Mike Schacht is on the forefront of the art of portraiture and studio lighting. Combine these skills with his ability to color tone images to perfection and you end up with fantastic images every time.  

The workshop will begin at 9am each day and wrap at approximately 4pm. Over the course of the two days, we will be working with several models. You will not only have the opportunity to watch Mike work his magic, but produce your own. Mike will show you his tried and true methods for developing relationships with his subjects which arguably is a cornerstone of his work. You will pushed beyond the norm as Mike's approach to teaching is unorthodox, but masterful in execution. 

You will learn classic lighting techniques as well as Mike's signature "skylight" technique. Mike has been making a GOOD living shooting photos for several years. He will discuss with everyone the ends and outs of business and how to make a living being a photographer. 


What to bring?

Bring your camera, lenses, a notepad, and a mind ready to learn for day one. Although not required, it is encouraged that you bring a computer system with Photoshop installed with all current updates applied for day two to follow along with Mike as he teaches post processing. Not required, but highly encouraged, Capture One is a part of Mike's workflow, you can download a free trial prior to coming to the course if you want to learn on this industry standard editing software. The internet can be tricky in the warehouse, so please update prior to arrival. 



 Holiday Inn Airport, El Paso, TX

Holiday Inn Airport, El Paso, TX

A group rate is available at one of El Paso's new hotels, the Holiday Inn Airport, a member of the IHG network. The group rate comes to you at a significant saves. Located a very short distance from the studio and there is dining near by. 

The group rate code will be $98.00 per night thanks to an excellent partnership with New Crest Image.


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The Mixer

What is a workshop without a get-together? I wouldn't know, I never do it! On Friday, the 20th, at 7pm, you can meet us in the lobby bar at the Holiday Inn. I mean who needs extra Uber fees or a DD?

This is an opportunity to meet Mike, everyone else, and have a few cocktails before we begin our journey together. This event is totally optional, so don't feel like you have to make it out. Also we will get you home before too late so you have a chance to be rested and ready to learn.