Chris Knight's El Paso Workshop Information 

The Location

2201 East Mills Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79901
United States

You will arrive at a historic warehouse in the heart of El Paso's design district. Parking is available on the street in front of the building. Please be mindful of people's driveways and don't block any of them. 

The studio is located on the upper floor of the warehouse. Elevators and ramps make it accessible to all. 


The Workshop 

August 19-20th

Get ready to be blown away! Chris Knight is going to be dropping knowledge bombs for two solid days. 

Catering will be provided at lunch for both days from Mesa Street Bar and Grill, one of El Paso's fine dining experiences. 

The workshop will begin at 9am each day and wrap at approximately 4pm. Over the course of the two days, we will be working with 4 models. You will have the opportunity to watch Chris work his magic, as well as produce your own.

Final payment is required before you will be allowed to take your seat at the workshop. Please plan accordingly. Payment can be submitted via paypal or cash at the event.  

What to bring?

Bring your camera, lenses, a notepad, and a mind ready to learn for day one. Although not required, it is encouraged that you bring a computer system with Lightroom and Photoshop installed with all current updates applied for day two to follow along with Chris as he teaches post processing. The internet can be tricky in the warehouse, so please update prior to arrival. 

Where to Stay?

If you have not booked lodging yet, all the hotels in the downtown region or close to the airport are within 10 mins of the studio. Uber is active in the city, so there is no reason to rent a car. 

The Hotel Indigo is particularly nice in downtown. 




The Mixer

What is a workshop without a get-together? I wouldn't know, I never do it! On Friday, the 18th, at 7pm, you can meet us at:

The Black Orchid Lounge


This is an opportunity to meet Chris, everyone else, and have a few cocktails before we begin our journey together. This event is totally optional, so don't feel like you have to make it out. Also we will get you home before too late so you have a chance to be rested and ready to learn. 


Stay Connected:

If you are not in the Facebook group for the event, please get there. Any questions you have about town, the areas surrounding, food... really anything, we will answer there promptly! If any emergencies or group announcements need to go out, I will post there first. The group is private, but you can request to join.